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American Goldfinch in winter

American Goldfinch in spring - male

American Goldfinch In The Winter - Male or Female

American Goldfinch In The Spring - Male

photo by: Sharon Howell photo by: Sharon Howell

Description: 5"  Males in spring/summer are a very bright yellow with a black cap on forehead. Wings are also black as well as the tail. Wings will also have white streaks and shoulder patch. Males will turn a very dull color in the winter much like the females year round.

Sound: Not yet available... anyone have one?

Food Source: Finches visit the thistle feeder regularly, as well as the sunflower feeder. They also eat seeds naturally from aster, bachelors button coneflower coreopsis, cosmos, flaxseed, goldenrod, grass seeds, millet, niger, rapeseed, tickseed, and zinnia.

Nesting Habits: Goldfinches will nest in a wide variety of shrubs and small trees found in full sun. Their nest are usually found 8 or 10 feet  above the ground. In August they frequently build in the crotches of tall  sturdy weeds such as the bull thistle, Joe Pye Weed, wild lettuce and  even golden rod. The female usually lays four, five or six bluish white eggs and, until  they hatch, she is fed by the male. The nestlings are fed by both parents in the same  manner, and it seems likely that the abundance of suitable seeds in July  and August is responsible for the late nesting habit of this songster. 


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